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Thursday, October 13, 2011


i'm very thankful that i belong to EXCITE group batch-6. excite program is very memorable to me, it is full of laughter. i learn a lot from this seminar. thanks to our trainers. from excel i learn to use complicated formulas, thanks ma'am tatchie. thanks ma'am joy, u teach me how to use a note pad and most specially u teach me on how to blog even though  it is complicated to me  super..... di ko alam kung matandaan ko pa pagdating s amin.... hehehehe....pagsisikapan ko, para nman indi masayang ang mga sandaling iniwan ko mga bata ko.


  1. bakit wala ako jan sa ibabang picture?

  2. super happy tlaga and full of experience. mis u EXCITE batch 6. sana magkasamasama uli tau